A kitchen designed by Lainox: professional ovens and blast chillers for every type of need

Lainox ovens and blast chillers are able to meet the demands of all professionals in the catering world, independent of whatever service characteristics they offer their customers. Our products are designed to meet the needs of a laboratory, a restaurant, a community kitchen or a dark kitchen. Here are the best performing solutions in our range and the best contexts for using them in order to make the most of their potential.

Combi ovens: Lainox ovens and blast chillers provide the perfect solution for the needs of restaurants, community kitchens, gastronomy laboratories, bakery laboratories and pastry shops.

Obviously, in each of these contexts, how the equipment needs to be used presents different challenges. Lainox responds to these needs with developed and custom products. For example, the ovens in the Aroma Naboo Boosted range are ideal for use in bakery or pastry shops. These ovens are designed to reduce cooking times as much as possible, which always guarantees top-level performance and reduces energy consumption (and, consequently, the total ownership cost of the oven). Aroma ovens guarantee uniform cooking of products and have a special, soft heating function, which means that the leavening phase of bread, sweets and baked goods is completed in safest and most accurate way possible. The possibility of programming the oven and managing it, even remotely, also makes it possible to optimize kitchen activities and reduce preparation times for finished products. Even more, thanks to Naboo Coach, the products in the Aroma range help you manage, not only the cooking stages, but also cleaning and planned maintenance interventions even better. This allows you to have an oven that is capable of performing at its best at all times.

For restaurant and delicatessen kitchens, on the other hand, the ovens in the Naboo Boosted line are the perfect solution. They are characterized by extremely high versatility, and therefore, allow you to carry out different types of cooking by relying on a single, high-performance, efficient and remotely controllable product. Naboo Boosted ovens are also able to help you reduce waste thanks to the presence of IES, an intelligent control system, that evaluates the product quantity inside the oven and adjusts energy consumption accordingly. This guarantees that a constant temperature is always maintained so that you can obtain high quality results and reduce your investment in terms of time and resources.

Accelerated cooking ovens: The Lainox Oracle line ovens have been developed to meet the needs of all situations in which the time is an essential parameter for the quality of service, such as in the kitchens of bars, bistros, service stations or other fast food restaurant places, as well as for dark kitchens. The challenge posed by these types of kitchens is truly complex because they must be able to handle, in the best possible way, peak work phases, in which the demand from users is high, without excessively extending service times. Lainox meets this need with its line of specific products which are designed to reduce and minimize occupied space and to perform different functions, depending on needs. In fact, an Oracle oven can be used at lower temperatures in the product preparation phases and then can be transformed into a High Speed Oven during periods of intense activity in the kitchen. Previously prepared food can be reheated in the shortest amount of time possible and it is then ready to be served to customers piping hot. Another big advantage of the products in the Oracle line is the possibility to use them in any context by simply connecting them to any electrical outlet as they do not require a water discharge source or a fume extraction hood. This feature makes them perfect to be used in the dark kitchens in the catering industry which have to operate in historic city centres in order to be close to customers, but where building configurations often make it complicated and consume too much time to connect to water mains or building flues.

Blast Chillers: Neo24hours is the line of blast chillers made by Lainox  and it is perfect for both pastry laboratories, as well as gastronomies and dark kitchens. The blast chillers are available in different sizes, capable of containing different size trays according to the specific needs of the customer. As a result, it is possible to control the energy and occupied space waste since you get a tool that is perfectly in line with your needs.

Neo24hours blast chillers are able to lower the temperature of food from 90°C to -10°C in a few minutes, but they can also be used just as effectively to carry out positive blast chilling, down to a temperature of about 3°C. By using a tool of this type, it is easy to optimize your kitchen activity, because it is possible to always have products available, which are prepared in advance and are then ready to be further processed or served directly. With this capability, it is easy to make your kitchen more efficient and organized, simplifying work for all your staff and improving the service offered to your customers.


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