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Lainox Professional Ovens: Tools and solutions for efficient, high-performance, and connected kitchens

Restaurants, delicatessens, pastry and bakery laboratories, dark kitchens, community kitchens and anyone else who operates professionally in the restaurant sector needs ad hoc equipment that is able to help them effectively and concretely work to the best of their ability and offer customers finished products with excellent quality.

Lainox, which has in-depth knowledge of the needs of those who work in this sector, always keeps in mind the basics and fundamental needs which include optimizing working time, reducing food and energy waste, controlling costs and guaranteeing constant compliance with HACCP regulations.  For this reason, Lainox has developed a line of smart, professional ovens that are able to combine versatility, efficiency, speed and consistent result quality. 

Here are the characteristics of Lainox professional ovens and the solutions that make these tools the perfect answer to meet the needs of anyone who works in the catering sector.

Controlled costs and energy saving

An efficient oven is one that is capable of reducing consumption as much as possible which, therefore, reduces costs. At the same time, it cannot affect, in any way, the quality of products that are offered to the public or have a negative impact on the internal organization of the kitchen which would complicate the work of the team.

When it comes to reducing consumption and controlling costs related to the use of a professional oven, it is essential to accurately calculate the actual cost of ownership of the equipment by precisely evaluating a series of cost items, including:

  • Energy costs required to power the oven when in operation
  • Cleaning and efficiency maintenance costs (not only water, detergents, and descalers, but also the energy needed to complete cleaning programs)
  • Maintenance costs 
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Thanks to its many years of experience and continuous dialogue with catering professionals, Lainox has developed its line of smart ovens which were created by thinking precisely of the need to be able to keep various expense items under control and allow for optimal planning of kitchen activities. As a result of the integration of the following special technological solutions, personnel activity is simpler and, therefore, more efficient:

The Lainox SSR system makes it possible to optimize the energy supply inside the oven, calibrating energy according to quantity of product that needs to be cooked or heated. This solution combines energy savings and result quality, because it allows you to obtain perfect products, using up to 20-22% less energy.

  • The Lainox Vapor Cleaning System, on the other hand, has been designed to make oven cleaning more efficient and less expensive by reducing the consumption of detergents and water to a minimum. The solution is based on the presence of a nebulization system which is capable of optimally distributing cleaning products inside the oven which avoids waste and reduces pollution. In addition, the system has been developed to minimize the duration of the cleaning process in order to limit electricity consumption and to impact normal kitchen activities as little as possible. 

  • The Lainox Cal Out system provides the ideal solution for descaling and washing the boiler which is essential in order for the oven to remain efficient for a long time and prevent malfunctions. Descaling must be carried out periodically, at variable intervals depending on how hard the water used is. It is, therefore, important to be aware of the actual level of limescale inside the oven in order to avoid unnecessary washing. The Cal Out system was created to be able to warn users that the scale level threshold has been reached and, therefore, allow them to carry out timely cleaning, whenever there is an actual need, without wasting energy and anti-scale products by carrying out unnecessary descaling cycles.

These solutions not only guarantee that those who use a smart oven have a notable reduction in energy consumption and, therefore, effective savings, but they also allow users to be part of a broader framework as Lainox has, in fact, decided to invest decisively in the development of truly green and low environmental impaact products by implementing the DFE system (Design for Environment). This allows Lainox to offer its customers products which are "designed to last” and remain operating over time with minimal maintenance interventions. The products made with raw materials that can be easily disposed of and recycled at the end of the life cycle of the oven. In addition, where possible, Lainox products are made with the use of recycled components, and in the production phase it is preferred to use processes that minimize the use of polluting substances. Finally, the packaging and delivery of products is managed in a sustainable way.

Simplified maintenance activities and early interventions for control and assistance

Lainox ovens are built to require minimal maintenance, and to allow those who use them to easily and independently carry out most of the activities necessary to keep the oven always in operation and efficient, such as cleaning and descaling the boiler.

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In addition, Lainox smart ovens are equipped with special control systems that help professionals to identify any signs of early malfunction of the equipment and to not overlook some alarms that signal the need to request assistance, such as:

  • Increase in unjustified oven consumption
  • Difficulty reaching and maintaining desired temperatures
  • Increased vibrations or noise from the oven
  • Difficulty in carrying out simultaneous cooking, due to inadequate distribution control of the heat inside the oven.

All these signals indicate that the machine is not operating optimally and indicate that it is necessary to contact the service center to investigate and resolve the causes of the malfunction. These may be due to various components (fan, thermostat, temperature probe, resistor, group parts to close oven door…) which can easily be replaced and bring the oven quickly back to perfect working order.

Lainox directly manages a capillary network of assistance centers that are active throughout Italy and Europe which are able to intervene quickly, if necessary, and provide professionals any type of support they may need. In addition, to further improve the service, it has also developed some services aimed specifically at catering professionals, such as the Pronto Chef helpline via telephone or chat which is active seven days a week, and allows you to resolve any doubts or problems that may arise while your kitchen is in operation.

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Connectivity and Smart solutions for a 4.0 kitchen

Having efficient kitchen equipment, capable of guaranteeing quality and perfect results, with minimal energy investment, is essential for all catering professionals. Lainox solutions, however, go even further and focus on a whole new world of potential connectivity with digital use. By exploiting the potential of technology available to us today, it is possible to build real “4.0 kitchens", in which all devices are interconnected and, in which, some processes can be automated or controlled remotely. A  4.0 kitchen, therefore, is not a set of separate tools but an integrated network which includes blast chillers, ovens, freezers, microwave ovens, etc., which are all connected to each other and all designed to operate in a coordinated way, exchanging their respective functions where possible with the aim of achieving maximum efficiency.

Thanks to the potential of the internet and cloud connections, it is possible to get the most out of your equipment and improve the activity of your staff. A connected and integrated use of kitchen equipment, i fact, allows you to:

  • Simplify the activity of staff and avoid carrying out tasks that can be automated and managed directly by the equipment
  • Manage the use of different equipment in a connected way, to identify the most efficient and functional operating combinations
  • Optimize energy investment, by running certain equipment at times when energy is cheaper, for example
  • Minimize errors, and consequently waste and inefficiencies associated with food preparation processes
  • Have guaranteed and complete compliance with HACCP regulations in all phases of food handling and transformation
  • Improve the quality of the finished product offered to customers

Ultimately, all these advantages translate into a concrete and effective increase in profit margins, thanks to the reduction of expenses and waste, and precise control of the actual cost to prepare each individual dish. In addition, the use of connected tools also simplifies the management of recipes and menus and makes it possible to precisely monitor all the preparation phases of a given dish. It helps the kitchen to optimize its performance and always offer then highest quality dishes that are ready as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

Lainox smart ovens for managing Dark Kitchens

Dark kitchen 500x700

Lainox smart ovens, also thanks to their design, which makes the most of the potential of industry 4.0, are ideal tools to be used even in very particular contexts, such as those of dark kitchens . The ovens provide those who work in such challenging contexts with all the support needed to offer customers a service that is up to their expectations.

In the context of a dark kitchen, a kitchen in which only products intended for take-away are prepared, the time factor plays a crucial role as customer satisfaction is closely linked not only to the quality of the food, but also to the speed with which the orders arrive at their destination. Lainox technological solutions, which allow you to rationally manage the usage times of each tool, use interconnected machines that are capable of communicating with each other. Kitchen equipment can even be controlled remotely, which is a fundamental advantage to maximize the efficiency of any kitchen and is particularly useful in a context where reduced of work time is essential.

Another peculiarity of dark kitchens is that they can also be installed in small spaces or, in general, in contexts that would normally be unsuitable for hosting a traditional restaurant. Given that dark kitchens do not require a dedicated room to be installed, they can easily be located in historic centers or in areas with a high population density. This helps them to be physically close to the delivery destinations of potential customers who place orders.

Lainox responds perfectly to this need by offering ovens with reduced dimensions for those who work in dark kitchens. This make it possible to operate in limited space and, at the same time, operate in plug-and-play mode, which doesn’t require drains, hoods, flues and so on. In this way, it is possible to transform any type of environment into a dark kitchen, without the need to carry out particular electrical or plumbing interventions, and without the need to present documentation or request specific permits.

Lainox is committed to making the catering business simpler, safer and more efficient by providing all professionals with reliable, easy-to-use ovens designed to work interconnected and meet any challenge.

Lainox is committed to making the job of those who work in the restaurant world simpler, safer and more efficient, allowing all professionals to have reliable and easy-to-use ovens at their disposal, which are designed to work in a connected way and to respond to any kind of challenge.

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