Is the performance of your professional oven decreasing? It's time for maintenance!

Over time, all ovens can experience a decline in performance, due to many reasons, which can be identified and resolved by the intervention of specialized personnel who replace any damaged components in most cases.


In the case of a professional kitchen oven, designed to guaranteed a high level of quality and allow for very precise control of performance, problems of this type can be potentially serious, but, for the most part, they can be identified early if you pay attention to the warning and alarms that the oven sends. Greater control is, in fact, guaranteed by professional tools because it gives you the possibility of immediately detecting any faults, and, as a result, intervening appropriately with any necessary checks, cleaning, or maintenance interventions.


Decreased oven performance: the most common alarm signals

The malfunction of an oven can manifest itself in an obvious way, for example not being able to turn it on, or in less clear ways, which do not result in the complete lack of use of the device, but which instead compromise its performance and efficiency. In the first case, a timely intervention by a technician is obviously necessary. In the second case, however, the situation requires particular attention be paid by the user, who should be able to foresee any periodic equipment maintenance activities and, above all else, never neglect an alarm signal which immediately calls for customer assistance service intervention, even if only to check if there is a doubt.


The situations that must always lead to taking action, especially in the case of a professional oven which is installed in the kitchen of a restaurant or in a pastry or bakery laboratory, are:

  • Oven consumption increase without reason
  • Difficulty or slowness in reaching desired temperatures
  • Increased vibrations or noises produced by the oven

  • Lower than normal performance

  • Inability to control heat distribution inside the oven, resulting in difficulties in completing simultaneous cooking


The possible causes of malfunctions or loss of efficiency

Different types of problems can be caused by various damaged or malfunctioning components. Normally, the main culprits of problems of this type are:


  • Fan: If your oven vibrates or makes more noise than normal, its fan is probably damaged or has stopped working properly. If this occurs, it is usually resolved by replacing the piece.

  • Oven door closing unit: If the oven door is not properly closed, it is possible that the appliance will not start, due to the presence of a control system that allows it to be switched on only when the lock makes contact. In this case, once the problem has been identified, it may be necessary to intervene by either replacing the entire locking unit, or just a part of it.

  • Temperature probe: If the thermostat is working properly, but the oven's internal temperature control remains unsatisfactory, it is possible that it is caused by a problem with the temperature probe, which is not correctly transmitting information to the thermostat. Also this piece, if necessary, can be replaced without problems.

  • Resistance: Electric convection ovens are equipped with resistors, which are essential for heat transmission and temperature control. A damaged heating element inevitably causes cooking problems, and must be replaced.

  • Electrical components (power plugs, terminals, and electronic boards): Problems of this kind can result in not being able to turn on the oven, or have less drastic effects, but, in any case, they must be resolved in order to restore the equipment to its full efficiency.

  • Gasket: Old or damaged gaskets can lead to heat loss and, therefore, to an increase in consumption and waste, as well as a decrease in control of various cooking methods.


Professional oven maintenance

 Maintenance work on professional ovens should be carried out on a regularly scheduled basis, in order to prevent any eventual problems from emerging so that you are able to always rely on a perfectly efficient piece of equipment.

Maintenance allows you to check the correct oven functions and to check the efficiency of the resistance, temperature probes and thermostat. If necessary it allows you to replace any damaged or worn out components and to carry out any non-routine cleaning operations.

Lainox, through its widespread assistance network, is always available for its customers to provide advice, schedule maintenance interventions or send technicians capable of understanding the cause of any problems and solve them quickly by using original spare parts that are able to guarantee optimal performance in any circumstance.


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