Everything you need to know to design a connected and modern kitchen: a 4.0 kitchen

Designing a professional kitchen today means looking at the potential of industry 4.0, which opens the door to a whole new way of conceiving equipment for restaurants, pastry or bakery laboratories. Let’s discover together what are the main innovations that are being prepared for the sector and how to best equip a 4.0 kitchen which is equipped with digital and connected tools that are capable of truly responding to the needs of those who work in the world of catering.


What is a 4.0 kitchen?

 The term "Kitchen 4.0” means it is a kitchen which is capable of integrating the potential of industry 4.0, or a series of technological solutions that allow machines and tools to operate automatically and interact with each other and with the user in an innovative way, exploiting the potential guaranteed by the internet and a cloud connection.

If you are thinking of renovating your professional kitchen and improving its performance, having the choice of automated and digital products, makes this especially the right time to invest. Not only will you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of a more productive kitchen, but you can also get it with particularly advantageous economic conditions, giving you a quick return on investment incurred for the purchase of the equipment.


The equipment in a 4.0 kitchen

 The key word to understanding the advantages guaranteed by choosing 4.0 equipment is simple: connectivity. It is precisely the connectivity that allows for an increase in automation in machines that operate in a kitchen, allowing the different tools to work together, and thus, simplifying the operators activities. A connected and integrated use of tools also permits energy investment optimization, limited errors and waste, and more efficient management of food preparation phases, consequently increasing product quality and profit margin.

Lainox instruments are expressly designed to meet this type of need. Neo 24 hours is an example as it combines the characteristics of a blast chiller, temperature maintainer and cooking tool. In addition, it is capable of integrating with other Lainox devices in the same kitchen. This programmable combifreeze can remain in business 24 hours a day, even in the absence of personnel, to complete those processes and cooking methods that requires a greater expenditure of time, possibly coordinating with the other machines so that it is possible to directly transfer foods from one to the other, in the most efficient and rapid way possible, in order to avoid downtime and to simplify the preparation of dishes and products.

The potential of an interconnected kitchen, however, is not only limited to this. The availability of tools connected in the cloud helps catering professionals manage the recipes and menus that they offer to their customers in a coordinated way. It can precisely monitor the real cost of each individual preparation and trace all the phases of the production process and, if necessary, optimize them and verify that everything, at all times, is done as it should, in compliance with HACCP regulations. The aim is to always guarantee, above all else, the quality of what is offered to customers and consumers.

In short, designing a 4.0 kitchen means equipping yourself with tools capable of launching producers and restaurateurs into new dimensions of their businesses, where the potential of technology has been put at the service of the kitchen. To do this it is necessary to have equipment designed and developed by professionals capable of conceiving kitchen tools no longer as individual appliances, but as an integrated network in which the fridge, oven, freezer, blast chiller, and microwave, for example, all . operate in a coordinated way, exchanging, where possible, the respective functions and allowing you to obtain maximum results with the least investment of time, money and energy.


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