360° Assistance and Support: Lainox professionals help you keep your oven efficient at all times

An efficient professional oven is a reliable oven, capable of giving those who use it the important guarantee of having consistent performance over time.

At Lainox we know this well, and it’s for this reason that we develop our products always keeping in mind the necessity to supply customers with efficient and functional ovens. Our ovens are capable of simplifying kitchen and laboratory activities and, at the same time, minimize, as much as possible, the need to carry out maintenance or replace components.

If necessary, however, our assistance network of specialized technicians are available for our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to intervene and quickly resolve any problems. Here are the tools and solutions that we have studied which allow those who use Lainox professional ovens to operate completely safe and worry free!


Maintenance of Lainox professional ovens

In order to keep Lainox professional ovens efficient at all times, it is sufficient to just periodically carry out simple cleaning and maintenance activities. The most important of these is descaling, which is necessary to eliminate limescale that could deposit inside the boiler. This type of activity must be carried out quite frequently, approximately once a month, but this can vary depending on the amount of limescale present in the water. Nevertheless, it requires minimal effort from the user, given that the descaling program can be started simply by pressing a button on the oven.

On the other hand, it may also be necessary to periodically plan more consistent maintenance activities. For example, if you use a gas oven, Lainox recommends carrying out an annual check for safety, as well as, efficiency reasons. The Lainox assistance network is available to customers to identify the best time to carry out these scheduled interventions, so as not to jeopardize the normal activity of the kitchen. Furthermore, many of the Lainox professional ovens are equipped with specific technology which allows you to signal the need to carry out checks and maintenance. This makes it possible to prevent any warning alarms from being overlooked and, even worse, cause more serious problems.

To reduce the need for radical interventions on the products, Lainox ovens are designed in a way to almost never require the replacement of parts and components. The only piece that our customers may need to replace is the gasket, which is essential to allow the oven to maintain and distribute heat optimally and to avoid energy waste. This type of intervention is, in any case, extremely simple and can be carried out directly by the customer without the need to call in a technician.


Professional assistance 7 days a week

The network of Lainox assistance centers, spread throughout Italy and Europe, is always available to customers to schedule maintenance interventions and provide assistance if necessary. In the event of malfunctions, a decrease in performance, or an increase in oven consumption, our customers can request the advice of a specialized technician at any time, who will be able to give immediate virtual assistance or, if necessary, schedule an intervention.

Our experience has taught us that in some situations the intervention of specialized personnel is absolutely necessary and cannot be avoided. In many cases, however, some problems can be dealt with, perhaps even if only temporarily, directly by kitchen staff. This allows you to resolve emergency situations and avoid completely suspending activity while you wait for the arrival of a technician.

It was precisely to able to respond to this type of need that Lainox activated Pronto Chef, our telephone and chat assistance line which is active seven days a week. The possibility of interacting with an expert technician quickly and immediately allows our customers to get immediate feedback. By being able to understand how to best manage the specific problematic situation they are facing at the moment, our customers can limit the negative effects of problems on the kitchen activities as much as possible.


The training of Lainox technicians

For us at Lainox, it is essential that we offer our customers punctual and effective assistance service, capable of quickly resolving any problems and minimizing inconvenience.

For this reason, we have an internal department that takes care of carrying out training and revision activities aimed at both our customers and the assistance center staff. Being able to count on technicians who know our products in detail and have in-depth know-how about potential malfunctions capable of compromising the activity of a kitchen allows us to guarantee our customers that, at any time, they will always be able to receive the help of specialized personnel, who will be able to quickly identify the origin of the problem and intervene in a targeted and accurate way.


Do you want to know more about the Pronto Chef service, the activities of the assistance centers or Lainox products? Contact us and ask for advice from our team of professionals!