Efficiency and safety in the kitchen: all the advantages of the Cook and Chill system

A professional kitchen is a complex system in which an entire team works together with a single goal in mind, which is, to offer customers perfect dishes in terms of quality in the shortest amount of time possible.

The attention to quality and the amount of time factors are two equally fundamental aspects for a kitchen to function properly since a kitchen needs to always be ready to operate fully even at peak times. The Cook and Chill system was developed precisely to meet this demand as it makes it possible to use a single tool to manage both the cooking processes and the subsequent blast chilling of the food once cooked.

Choosing a solution like this guarantees that you will have a great advantage in terms of better internal organisation, work optimization and safety. Here’s why:


How the Cook and Chill system works

A machine equipped with a Cook and Chill system is able to complete food cooking, blast chilling and regeneration processes that all happen before the dish is finally presented to the customer. As a result, by using a single tool, it is possible to optimize work in the kitchen, minimize working times and minimize inactive times of equipment.

The advantages of a solution like this are innumerable:

  • Safety: the Cook and Chill system knows that the food, once cooked, is immediately blast chilled. In this way, the product is able to maintain its organoleptic properties without altering them which proves to be especially safe, because the reduced time between cooking and blast chilling means that bacterial proliferation cannot occur.
  • Time Optimization: thanks to the Cook and Chill system it is possible to manage the internal processes of the kitchen better, by anticipating some need based processes to have blast chilled dishes ready so that they only need to be reheated before being served.
  • Work Optimization: using machines with a Cook and Chill system gives the kitchen team the possibly to be more flexible since they have to become familiar with only a single machine instead of with multiple different tools. They are able to spend more time plating and presenting dishes, thanks to the better organization of the previous processing phases.
  • Savings: with the possibility to use the machines, even during time periods when electricity is less expensive, combined with better management for team working hours, allows you to reduce the total cost of ownership of your kitchen equipment, which saves you money.

Cook and Chill: who really benefits

A Cook and Chill solution allows those who manage a kitchen or a laboratory to optimize their working time and reduce idle time by preparing their dishes in advance of when they will be needed during busy times.

For this reason, a machine that can manage Cook and Chill functions is useful in a wide variety of contexts:

  • Canteens and community kitchens, can manage the simultaneous preparation and distribution of large quantities of food in this way because they can guarantee that high standards in terms of quality and HACCP safety are maintained at all times. 
  • Dark kitchens, can significantly reduce dish preparation times, optimize service  and offer customers extremely fast delivery times, all without affecting food quality.
  • Restaurants and pastry and bakery laboratories: can optimize activity, better manage peak work hours and, thanks to the potential guaranteed by the use of 0 equipment, plan the performance of certain activities even when the staff is not physically present in the kitchen.


Lainox Cook and Chill solutions

For many years, Lainox has been offering its customers Cook and Chill solutions, as we know that having a machine capable of managing all the preparation phases of a dish can be the real trump card for any type of professional kitchen.

Here’s why choosing Lainox Cook and Chill solutions is really worth it:

  • The kitchen team can use a single piece of equipment – and a single interface – to manage both the cooking and blast chilling processes of food, so they have to learn how to use only one machine and not many different machines
  • Your collaborators can take advantage of the training activities provided by Lainox. We send our chefs to your kitchen to illustrate how to use the machinery in order to optimize its efficiency. For the use of Cook and Chill solutions, training covers all phases of dish preparation, from cooking, to blast chilling, and to final regeneration. You can take advantage of all the professional training that will allow you to manage and optimize 100% of your work procedures.
  • Verifying compliance with HACCP standards becomes even easier, because the various phases of dish preparation processes are completed using a single tool, managed by a single platform, so all the data about preparation is stored and kept together.


Lainox Cook and Chill solutions can help make your kitchen increasingly more high-performing and efficient, in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. Would you like to know more?