Lainox Professional Ovens: Unique solutions for saving time, space and energy

Lainox combi ovens and blast chillers can adapt to the needs of any type of professional kitchen, making them the perfect equipment that always guarantees the best results in a minimum amount of space and with reduced investments of time and energy.

Lainox has developed unique solutions capable of responding to the needs of very challenging contexts, such as dark kitchens, community kitchens and fast food service kitchens. It is now able to offer its customers products with extremely high performance, even in the face of extremely particular needs and contexts.


Compact ovens to save space

To be able to reduce the amount of space dedicated to ovens is a particular need that is felt in countless contexts. Lainox is able to respond to this need by proposing competitive solutions when there are space limitations. This is the case of Naboo Compact, a combi oven which condenses the performance of a top-of-the-line oven in just 51 cm of width, which, therefore, can adapt to any type of kitchen.

The ovens in the Oracle line also stand out for their strong power held within a very small size. In addition, they are particularly suitable to be used in contexts where there is no water connection or flue, because they are completely plug and play and only need to be connected to an electrical outlet to work. Oracle combi ovens by Lainox are the perfect solution not only for bars, bistros or dark kitchens, but also in any context where they still want to offer high quality hot meals, but where there is no equipped kitchen. For example, nursing homes, school canteens, company canteens and other similar situations.

Intelligent systems to minimize energy costs

If saving space is a need deeply felt by most, saving energy is now almost a required necessity. This is why Lainox has developed a series of solutions aimed at reducing the consumption of its ovens, obviously without affecting the finished product quality in any way. Among these solutions, IES stands out as an intelligent system that allows you to automatically adjust the energy supply to the oven by evaluating the amount of food present inside. The oven therefore, without the need for manual user intervention, is able to reduce its consumption based on the actual cooking needs, allowing for excellent results to be obtained while saving up to 20% energy.

Even the Lainox solutions for managing washing procedures are designed to guarantee maximum results with minimum investment. The Vapor Cleaning System (VCS), for example, allows the detergent to be distributed extremely efficiently inside the oven, thus limiting product consumption and the environmental impact of cleaning procedures. What's more, Lainox smart ovens are equipped with a special warning system which warns users of the presence of an excessive amount of limescale inside the machine, and therefore the need to complete the descaling procedure. In this way, it is possible to descale the oven only when there is an actual need, minimizing the investment of water, time and electricity required to complete this fundamental procedure which allows the oven to remain efficient for a long time.


Controlled procedures and food waste reduction

Another fundamental advantage guaranteed by using Lainox combi ovens is the possibility to monitor at any time, even remotely, the progress of the cooking and blast chilling procedures, and to store every action performed by the oven directly in the cloud. In this way, it is possible to have constant control of all the procedures, and to be certain that everything takes place according to the procedures established by regulations, especially as regards the correct conservation of the blast chilled products and their subsequent regeneration.

Furthermore, the ability of Lainox products to help users reduce food and general waste should not be underestimated. By using blast chillers correctly, it is, in fact, possible to prolong the life of food, guaranteeing perfect conservation and maintaining organoleptic properties. The slow cooking programs available in Lainox ovens, on the other hand, make it possible to minimize weight loss when the products are cooked, preserving their characteristics of flavor and texture.

Lainox solutions help you optimize your kitchen activities and reduce waste and costs: contact us to find out more!