The Benefits of Nabook’s Connectivity

Since the pandemic began, everyone has been talking about the cloud and connectivity, but what do these two words really mean in our world as chefs?

Sometimes I feel like my leg is being pulled by the use of today’s trendy concepts that actually have nothing to do with the real-life reality of my work. But yet, Lainox was already talking about connectivity in 2013, even when no one else had inserted wireless cards into ovens; So what exactly does this word mean for us chefs?

Basically, there are four implications: save time; decrease waste, increase control, and diagnose malfunctions. The last one concerns us chefs only indirectly since it is the system that is responsible for reporting equipment failures to the technicians who repair our equipment fast so we can resume service quickly. The other three aspects, on the other hand, affect us closely. Let’s take a look at them.

Control means always having temperature cooking values, maintenance, or the blast chilling data of a product at hand, so as to always be sure that everything respects maximum safety conditions. This also saves time, because we no longer have to record anything by hand, as the HACCP data is automatically saved.

Another very important aspect is that of waste. Monitoring the consumption of gas, electricity, water, and detergents allows any abnormalities to be immediately revealed and, therefore, saves money. Being able to cook and chill at night means making better use of energy consumption by reducing weight loss, increasing quality, and at the same time, thanks to wireless connectivity, never losing cooking control.
With Nabook, which was already developed by Lainox in 2017, all these advantages are joined together into a real and unrestrained kitchen management system, where the chef can personally manage (or delegate to the administrative staff) all aspects relating to warehouse stock flow, from the ingredients, to food cost calculations, to allergens, and even to the final printing of the menu.

The Naboo management system works through a patented cloud technology, so it is impossible to lose data or the cooking recipes that are loaded in the ovens. But above all else, this means that several ovens can be connected to each other, transforming a single chef into the manager and controller any number of potentially infinite cooking devices, practically multiplying their productivity. This is how cloud technology enters into our kitchens and helps us to carry out our amazing jobs even more calmly and managerially than ever before.
Lorenzo Possamai