Ristorando for Lainox

40 years of service in the food service industry

From the first gas combi oven to the Kitchen Triathlon, a new way of interpreting the kitchen: This is Lainox's contribution to the future of the modern food service industry.

Lainox welcomes 2021 by celebrating 40 years of activity by launching one of the most modern “combis” in circulation, the Naboo Boosted. The company began producing professional ovens in 1981 and immediately distinguished itself for its high propensity for innovation. In short, we can say that Lainox has contributed substantially to the technological developments of the professional oven.
“For example, says Marco Ferroni, Lainox Executive Director, Lainox was the first company to invent the first gas combi oven and it is the company that invented the humidity control system inside a cooking chamber (autoclima) in 1991.”
In 2001, it was the first company to apply a scroller system to a combi oven.
In 2006, it was again the first company to apply a touch screen interface.
“More recently, in 2013, it set a new standard in the world of professional kitchen equipment, by connecting, for the first time, a professional cooking appliance to a cloud system (patented by Lainox), greatly expanding the potential use of combi ovens,” says Ferroni.
If you realize that today almost all equipment on the market is equipped with connectivity, you can better understand the pioneering spirit that has always guided the Ali Group company.
“Returning to the story of our history, continues Ferroni, in 2017, we launched Nabook on the market, creating the digitization of the kitchen. It is a real management system that is connected to the appliances in the kitchen. In recent years, Lainox has also developed Neo multifunction blast chillers and Oracle accelerated cooking ovens.”

The health emergency, which fortunately seems to be loosening its grip recently, has generated an acceleration of some aspects related to the modern food service industry by questioning the organization of work in restaurant kitchens.
We think of delivery but also of the increasingly pervasive need to increase productivity and reduce the workforce. These two objectives can only be achieved by putting to work techniques of preparation and cooking of food with the work flow. The consumption revolution and in the way of catering has led Lainox to recently launch a new kitchen concept called Kitchen Triathlon. The Kitchen Triathlon contrasts decisively with traditional kitchens precisely in order to be able to respond to the needs of contemporary catering.
Lainox has recently launched a new kitchen concept that we have called Kitchen Triathlon.
The Kitchen Triathlon is decisively contrary to traditional kitchens in order to be able to specifically respond to the needs of contemporary catering.

“The Kitchen Triathlon, says Ferroni, is made up of 3 elements: the new Naboo Boosted, which we have defined as the best combi ever from Lainox, Neo our multifunction blast chiller, and Oracle the accelerated cooking oven designed by Lainox. All three are equipped with Wi-Fi technology and connected to Nabook, the Lainox cloud system for 4.0 kitchen management. All this allows our customers to make up 50% of their investment through the industry 4.0 plan.
Those who will decide to switch to the Kitchen Triathlon will also be deciding to decisively accelerate the modernization of their kitchen, in terms of flexibility, efficiency, quality, and above all in profitability. For example, transforming the kitchen of a traditional restaurant into a ‘dark kitchen’ open 24h, will be easy to do and with very low management costs and very real profitability.”

Not just performance

But what are the key elements with which Lainox responds to the need to combine productivity, energy saving, and environmental sustainability?
“I believe the answer to your question, maintains Ferroni, is Naboo Boosted, the new combi oven from Lainox. Naboo Boosted is not just a simple restyling or a simple improvement of an existing product but with Naboo Boosted we wanted to question all our certainties and beliefs, pushing us to overcome all our previous limitations. It is no coincidence that the pay off of the Naboo Boosted is ‘beyond every limit’. Looking at the more technical aspects, Naboo Boosted is much more powerful and faster than previous models and compared to the standards currently on the market. We have increased the power up to 20% more in order to to reach temperatures never before seen in a combi oven. In fact, Naboo Boosted can reach up to 320° in the preheating phase. Just to give you an idea of the performance of the new Naboo Boosted, it can cook a full load of broccoli in just 7 minutes and a full load of roast chicken in just 30 minutes.
Naboo Boosted is much more efficient than previous models. In fact, thanks to the new vapor cleaning system, it reduces detergent consumption by up to 30% and, thanks to the new energy delivery system, an intelligent energy system, it consumes on average 16% less than previous models. So, in a nutshell, we were able to combine efficiency and power.
Naboo Boosted is also intelligent. In fact, it is equipped with an exclusive function called Naboo Coach, a real virtual assistant that advises you throughout the cooking phases, suggests the most appropriate wash to do, and even alerts you when maintenance is required or when the intervention of a service center is necessary.
Naboo Boosted is up to 15% smaller than previous models allowing it to fit where others cannot.
Having been pioneers in connection, we could not fail to equip Naboo Boosted with a standard WiFi connection to the Nabook Cloud system (patented). It is the most advanced cloud system on the market that offers unique benefits to both the individual customer and large catering chains.
All the components chosen for Naboo are long life component certified, an internal Lainox certification, that subjects the components to long-lasting stress tests, making Naboo very robust.”

Today, more than ever before, after sales services play an essential role in customer satisfaction, and, in this regard, Lainox also has many cards to play.
In the presale phase, the company organizes a series of both live and virtual events called "Kitchen Triathlons" where the customer, in addition to understanding how the oven operates, can also understand an innovative system and understand how to use it their own reality.

“Basically, says Ferroni, we are not just trying to promote the sales of equipment, but we also strive to have the ambition to inspire our customers to improve their businesses.”
Also in the pre-sale phase, we provide an online configurator where the future Lainox customer can play and create his own customized Kitchen Triathlon, also evaluating the investment cost.
In the post-sales phase, each customer is entrusted to one of our Lainox Service Centers, i.e. service centers trained and certified by Lainox which guarantee installation, and excellent technical service for the entire life of the product, both under warranty and out of warranty.
Once the equipment has been installed, an appointment is arranged with one of our many chefs throughout Italy to provide in-depth training for how use of our technology.
Furthermore, as I explained earlier, our machines are equipped with Wi-Fi and therefore you can connect to Nabook, a completely free portal, that allows you to transform your kitchen into a 4.0 kitchen offering numerous advantages, like the possibility to download hundreds of recipes from the portal complete with ingredients, processes, and cooking phases in order to get inspiration for your menus.”