Just Duet in perfect synchrony

Just Duet in perfect synchrony

For those visiting Host, it will be impossible not to succumb to the allure of the Naboo Challenge.

This year, Lainox has decided to take on a huge responsibility, demonstrating all the limitations and downfalls of a traditional kitchen. Through a mix of multimedia contents and live demonstrations, Lainox will allow visitors to experience firsthand how this kitchen can evolve into the kitchen of the future, which is already here.

This concept, which goes by the name of Just Duet, is based on the use of two technologies developed by Lainox. One is the already famous and affirmed Naboo, a cooking appliance connected to the Lainox Cloud through a Wi-Fi system, allowing the simple and automatic execution of cooking processes normally performed in a traditional kitchen. The other is Neo, the new multipurpose appliance by Lainox that allows blast chilling, proofing, low temperature cooking, holding and thawing of food, as well as the possibility to be used as a genuine "holding cabinet" during service.

Just Duet, the new application concept by Lainox, consists in creating perfect synchronisation between Naboo and Neo, just like an orchestra composer in a musical duet.

This synchronisation brings to life complete menus for canteens, self-service, quick service and à la carte restaurants, using only these two appliances.

It's therefore not hard to understand how in any restaurant and catering business, a system like this would have a considerable impact on the reduction of management costs.

But we don't just want to talk about it, so to demonstrate how strongly we believe in this new kitchen project, on occasion of Host we've organised the Naboo Challenge.

The Just Duet system and our chefs will be put to the test. Every hour, visitors at our stand will randomly extract "the challenge", which will consist in developing either a banquet or à la carte service, or alternatively transforming into a quick service restaurant, all for 50 to 60 guests.

Winning the challenge will mean serving guests in less than 15 minutes using Just Duet, a 2 square metre kitchen.

All readers interested in putting our chefs to the test are kindly requested to make a booking by writing to antonella.daros@lainox.it. We look forward to meeting you in Hall 11P stand G28 H27.