Aroma by Naboo di Marco Ferroni

It was truly a big surprise to see so many pastry chefs and bakers fascinated with the technology in Aroma by Naboo.

For its launch at Host, we had no doubts about the Naboo technology being well-received by food and catering professionals. At Sigep, on the other hand, we were prepared for a more sceptical reaction from pastry chefs and bakers who are tied to more traditional products. We were pleasantly surprised by Aroma by Naboo's enormous success.

Professional pastry chefs especially appreciated the extreme ease of use of the Aroma by Naboo. With its one touch technology, extremely complex cooking programs can be set with a simple touch of a button. This includes humidification during cooking, dehumidification of the chamber and fan rotation decrease.

The Lainox Cloud system was also appreciated by many due to its ability to inspire and guide pastry chefs in their daily activities. In fact, with the Cloud, they can consult recipes, get information on their history and use, follow the preparation step by step and get advice on aromatic cooking and display methods.

Aroma by Naboo's task is to create the perfect synchrony between the recipe and cooking to always ensure an excellent final result.

Aroma by Naboo takes up an average of 50% less space and guarantees 60% energy savings compared to traditional rotary or static ovens, thus allowing payback in less than 12 months.

Due to the incredible features found in Aroma by Naboo, our visitors were able to touch the new device, test its results and experience a truly emotional event.

The promise we made at Sigep is to continue to inspire our customers by always publishing new recipes arranged by theme, season and geographical area. This content is free and does not require any type of subscription.