Naboo technology to save energy

If we think about the fact that producing a meal requires an average of 07/08 kW (source: FCSI) and that over 35% of this is for cooking, you can imagine how much this affects the yearly financial statement for a company that produces meals.For several years, cooking equipment manufacturers have "thrown themselves headlong" into the attempt to make their equipment less energy intensive.Lainox has been studying this phenomenon for several years and has developed a system that, thanks to the ability to recognize the load in the cooking chamber, delivers only the energy needed for cooking without unnecessary waste.After developing this innovative system, Ecospeed Dynamic, we asked ourselves what else we could do to make our equipment more efficient.We set to work and monitored how our customers use our ovens. We discovered that the largest source of savings is to change the "bad" habits that have become solidified in kitchen workers.For example, cooking a roast at 180° for two hours consumes 6 times more than cooking the same roast at 80° for an entire night, plus in the latter case you get a better quality result, so you can imagine how much room for improvement there is in terms of energy efficiency.With that in mind, we developed our new product, "Naboo", to make this cultural change easier and more user friendly. In fact chefs will find a myriad of recipes where Lainox has discovered the right synchronisation between the ingredients, cooking program and energy savings.Plus, with the Lainox Cloud users can download new recipes and menu ideas directly to their Naboo, while always keeping an eye on energy consumption. We didn't stop only at the product because our goal is to make the entire production process sustainable.We are proud to announce that Lainox has become ISO 14001 certified. This voluntary international certification highlights attention to the environment and ensures our customers a significant reduction in operating costs thanks to greater energy efficiency.