The evolution of a species

Lainox is preparing to launch Naboo 5.0 at Host 2023, after having just released Naboo Boosted only two and a half years ago. The evolution of the highly appreciated Naboo Boosted has allowed the Vittorio Veneto company to grow its business volumes by 60% in the last two years, strengthening its position both in the national market and in international markets.

With Naboo Boosted, we worked to make the machine more efficient, more reliable, more robust, more powerful, faster and smaller. We were able create a state-of-the-art machine in the world of combi ovens. For this reason, Lainox decided to call Naboo Boosted the "best" Combi ever.

Lainox's strong avant-garde spirit has led us to continue to develop this product in recent years, taking it through its natural evolution to meet the needs of our customers and their constantly changing needs.

Evolution is in the nature of things and Naboo certainly cannot escape this law of nature!

With Naboo 5.0, Lainox enriches its product with a Smart Diagnostic System. Naboo 5.0 uses all its intelligence and computing power to offer its customers automatic machine diagnostics on all functional points. The Smart Diagnostic System carries out a real check-up, ultimately providing you with a complete report on the health status of your Naboo.

With the Smart Lighting System, with its new patented function, Lainox has aimed to improve Naboo's communication with the user by using colored lights. As we know, chefs are often not near the oven in the kitchen because they are busy with many tasks. Relying only on a sound communication system, in the midst of all the sounds of the kitchen, is often not enough. Therefore, being able to understand, with just glance, what the oven is doing, even from afar, is definitely an advantage for the user.

During the preheating phase, the chamber turns orange. When it is ready for cooking, the chamber lights up green, and during cooking, the light is white to allow for excellent viewing of the food in chamber. Finally, during washing, the chamber turns blue.

Furthermore, the Smart Lighting System helps the chef during multilevel cooking by turning on a light for the corresponding level that must be removed at the end of cooking.

How many times have you washed your kitchen oven without having enough detergent in the canisters? With Smart Chemicals Control, a new function, Lainox finally solves this problem. Thanks to the intelligent sensors positioned in the washing system, Naboo precisely controls detergent consumption, alerts you when it is about to run out, and suggests the suitable wash for the residual quantity of detergent. With Smart Chemicals Control, hygiene is always guaranteed.

In addition, to the new advantages just described, Naboo 5.0 also makes a technological leap in terms of its electronics. In fact, Naboo 5.0 is equipped with a new, high-efficiency switching power system which considerably reduces energy consumption.

In conclusion, Naboo 5.0 has evolved by making all of its intelligence and computing power available to all its users in order to simplify the lives of those who work in the kitchen. We are looking forward to you coming to discover more.


Marco Ferroni

CEO Lainox