Lainox solutions for catering professionals,  from rentals to training, here is the services we offer

Lainox is the ideal partner for all catering professionals who are looking for reliable, high-performance and smart 4.0 equipment for their kitchen, pastry or bakery laboratory, or even a dark kitchen.

In fact, Lainox products are not simply machines, but are the tools through which you can take advantage of a long series of services and opportunities that are tailor-made for you. Our experience in the professional catering sector has allowed us, over time, to develop and increasingly expand our solutions. Here’s the list of our services available to our customers today:


  • Renting: Renting a professional oven or blast chiller is an extremely convenient option for businesses that want to optimize their costs without sacrificing the performance of high-quality products. Lainox has a simple and all-inclusive formula for professionals who are looking for a solution of this type. With Lainox, an oven or blast chiller rental contract includes all the operating costs of the machine, including insurance, maintenance and cleaning agents.
    At the end of the agreed rental period (minimum three year period), the customer can decide whether to return the product, purchase it at a particularly advantageous price, or extend the rental agreement for another three years.


  • Training: We personally take care of staff training for our customers, which allows our customers to immediately take advantage of all the potential of the products. As a result, once you purchase or rent a Lainox product, you can count on one of our chefs who will introduce your collaborators to the new machine and provide them with advice and suggestions for how to use it correctly. Our way of working, which is based on direct contact between Lainox chefs and the people who will actually use the oven or blast chiller, allows us to offer highly personalized and truly effective training.
    Our consultants are able to show your team how to make the most out of the potential of your new product because we do not start from only theoretical considerations, but rather, by specifically analyzing the characteristics of your menu, your organizational needs, your work methods in your kitchen and so on. We offer you solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs.

  • Nabook: When you purchase or rent a Lainox product, you will have free access to the Nabook portal, a real management software for your kitchen. It allows you to better organize your work, memorizes your recipes, optimizes purchase and warehouse management, and so on . Even more, thanks to its 0 functions, you can configure and use Lainox machines even remotely through Nabook with a simple click. As a result, your working time is reduced and your kitchen is even more

  • Assistance and warranties: Lainox has a widespread assistance network at the disposal of its customers, available throughout Italy and Europe. Anyone who uses a Lainox product can therefore count on the Pronto Chef helpline which is active seven days a week by phone or chat. This allows for any questions or problems that arise while the kitchen is in operation to be resolved “directly”.
    If an intervention of this type is not sufficient, it is always possible to contact the Lainox assistance centres, which are able to provide a virtual consultation or schedule, if necessary, a technician intervention in your kitchen. These types of interventions are free, not only for rental products, but also for the entire warranty period duration. From this point of view, Lainox services are particularly convenient as our oven electronics are guaranteed for a four year period, for example.

To find out more about the services we offer to professionals in the catering world, contact us now. Our team is ready to show you all the advantages of Lainox solutions!