Lainox gets the ISO 14001 environmental certification

A concrete demonstration of the growing environment-friendly commitment of the Veneto-based companyLainox has obtained the Environmental Certification according to ISO 14001, an international standard certifying the voluntary setting up of environmental management systems.During the last years the interest in environmental protection has grown up significantly and the issue of sustainability has animated public debate, involving consumers, enterprises, institutions and other stakeholders. Lainox, leading manufacturer of professional ovens, has always been attentive to the environment as evidenced by its latest creation, Heart Green combi steamer: easy to use with perfect cooking result and with full respect for the environmentLainox demonstrates its ongoing and active commitment in contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions, reducing energy consumption and recycling as much as possible materials, defining a corporate policy of commitment, sustained over time.In the context of actual economic environment energy savings can play a key role in promoting economic growth, also considering from the point of view of effectiveness in terms of costs and benefits.According to this, the ISO 14001 certification obtained, in addition to ensuring the protection of the environment, will allow Lainox and its customers a sensitive reduction of operating costs.