Cook & Chill and the Tradition

What is most difficult in business? To know which trend is going to be the future? Or to know when the future is going to become the present?
What follow is just our opinion, we might be right, or we might be wrong; what is really important for You is just to be aware, so that you can prepare your business for the next challenge of the market.
What are we going to discuss in this article? Well, many thing: labor cost, serving your customer quickly, being able to deliver a consistent quality... but to be short and simple, we are going to discuss a new technology called COOK & CHILL.

LAINOX several years ago decided that this technology was going to be the future. Today we are the only company focusing entirely on high level solutions in the field of Cook & Chill, Cook & Hold and regeneration & finishing. How does it work and what are the benefits?

To understand it let’s have a look to the challenges that we are facing every day in the kitchen. As a chef and restaurant owner I need to make sure my customers receive the same food quality every day and every time, regardless if the chef just started yesterday or if he is a long term trusted staff; if he is on duty or on holiday. I need my customers to be served quickly and without mistakes. With Covid-19 take-away has become an essential part of the business and fast delivery is a key issue. To predict the “standard” volume of business has become even more difficult, so I need to make better use of all my staff time. Think about a hotel or a restaurant: during weekends and business events they need the double of the stuff, during weekdays or law season they are too many already. Last, but not least, we need to maintain the highest food safety and product quality standards to face our competitors.

So how can cook & chill help us? It’s simple actually: during low-work hours we use ask my staff to get ready for the rush hour. We use the advantage of low-temperature cooking to prepare the mise-en-place and the safety of the blast chiller and shook freezer to store them ready for the event, free of risks and with unchanged quality. When the busy time comes all our chefs are free to take out the products, regenerate them in the combi oven, using just the right amount of heat and humidity or finishing them in a new technology, called speed-oven, that in less than two minutes can transform a product from -18 or +4° into ready-to-eat for our customers.
This is just flexibility, achieved trough the intelligent use of the most modern technology. And, by the way, modern technology not to make industrial food, but to allow you to keep cooking the dishes of the Tradition without going literally out of business or working 14 hours a day. Our goal is to protect the Traditional Cuisine; just in a modern world, the cooking technics need to update to “succeed on the market”.
We started with a question: is this “future” becoming our “present”?

This is up to you to decide. LAINOX task is to provide you a comprehensive solution, that is simple and easy to operate by every chef and commis in your kitchen. Our combis, our multifunctional blast chillers and our speed ovens are integrated in a unique system, that you can control and adapt to your specific needs. Bbecause ultimately you are in the market because you do something special, and our job is to make sure that you have the right tools to keep thriving and offering us your best!

Lorenzo Possamai
Regional Sales Manager Middle East