Lainox Doubles on Cloud

A year after the creation of Naboo, it has many users who are inspired by the hundreds of national and international recipes afloat in the Lainox Cloud.

Our goal was to create a tool for cooking and to fill it with content that was constantly being updating and constantly evolving: Naboo represents the perfect synchronicity of the knowledge of dozens of national and international expert chefs and Lainox technology.

Each user has access not only to a cooking program, but also to all the information needed to properly prepare a given recipe: from its history, to its ingredients, to its procedures for preparation, and finally to its presentation; and, in addition, for more complex procedures for preparation, we have put at your disposal tutorial videos that can be accessed directly from Naboo.

Having become strong from the extraordinary success of these innovative services, we have continued to further exploit Cloud technology to provide Naboo users with a series of new opportunities that are completely free: the treasure chest, the cook’s portal, synchronization and remote service.

Treasure Chest on the Cloud

We thought about all of the chefs who, for professional reasons, must move from one kitchen to another, bringing along with them all of their recipes and personal notes… With the Treasure Chest, this will no longer be necessary because all they will need is access to a second Naboo where they may log on, and all of their personal content will become accessible right away.

Each user will have a free space on the Lainox Cloud where they may store all of their recipes and have a copy of their own Naboo settings.

The Cook’s Portal

Each Naboo user will have at his disposal a portal where he may— in a very simple way—create, modify, and refer to the recipes present in his own Naboo, also accessible from a tablet or smart phone. It will be as if he always has his Naboo with him.

Thanks to the cook’s portal, chefs can check on what is happening at their Naboos whenever they want and can activate them when they are not present, even at night, while remotely monitoring their functionality. Even downloading all data relative to HACCP may be done directly via the portal without, therefore, the need to necessarily be in front of the oven.


The idea to present this innovative service came about during Lainox’s thirtieth year as a restaurant chain.

For its genre of clientele, a “must” of fundamental importance is standardization: to produce the same dish with the same qualitative standards, whether in Milan, London or New York… This was the greatest challenge that the managers of these chains found themselves facing, above all, every time they needed to introduce new dishes or new menus.

The free synchronization service that Lainox puts at their disposal allows them to do all of this with a simple click from the comfort of their own office: a new recipe can be sent to all the restaurants connected directly by their Naboos. In addition, the recipe can be supplied with all of the information needed to carry it out: ingredients, preparation, automatic cooking program and description, and there will also be capability to attach a tutorial video for staff training.

The managers of a restaurant chain will now no longer need to move from one restaurant to another in a frenzied manner, but will instead be able to focus solely on quality control.

Remote Service

We asked ourselves: Why not take advantage of Cloud technology with regard to service as well?

For those in the restaurant business, getting an immediate response when it comes to technical service during business hours is of fundamental importance.

Starting tomorrow, in emergencies Naboo users will be able to easily call up their own remote service that, from a tablet, a PC, or a smart phone, can connect to the Naboo and provide an immediate response if it is a question regarding software, or mediation will be carried out with the correct replacement part if it is a hardware issue.