On February 4th, Lainox launched Naboo Boosted, the best Combi ever. 

The pandemic crisis we are experiencing has forced us to experiment. For the first time in our history, we have launched a new product through an online event. The event was broadcast in more than 93 countries, in six different languages, around the world and was attended by more than 3,300 people including importers, distributors, consultants, major customers, and chefs.

I want to thank everyone for participating and for all the feedback you have sent us, both on the product and the event.

We set out wanting to call it the best Combi ever because this time we really wanted to overcome any limitations of previous versions.

To achieve this goal, we used our 40 years of experience in the production of combi ovens, a research and development team made up of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers, and chefs, all of whom were driven by a pioneering spirit. As a result we have developed unique technological solutions for our reference market, without forgetting the extraordinary contribution of our most loyal customers.

We have gone beyond every limit in terms of speed, power, efficiency, intelligence, robustness, connectivity, size, and flexibility.

Thanks to Naboo Boosted, our customers will be able to achieve results in terms of cooking speed that they never experienced before. In fact, in addition to having increased power by 20% compared to the previous units, Naboo Boosted is equipped with a dehumidification system that is 50% more powerful than the previous version (fast dry Boosted) and with preheating capabilities that can reach up to 320 degrees. These are unique features in the world of combi ovens.

We were also able to combine speed, power, and efficiency. In fact, Naboo Boosted consumes up to 16% less energy than previous models thanks to the new "intelligent energy system”, which only delivers the energy required based on the load of the oven, eliminating all waste.

Naboo Boosted is equipped with a new automatic washing system "vapor cleaning system." This washing system allows you to vaporize the detergent thus allowing you to reach every corner of the chamber and eliminating all your waste once more. Thanks to this innovative system, the use of detergent is reduced by 30%, guaranteeing our customers savings for the entire life of the oven, and above all else, minimizing the environmental impact.

For an environmentally conscious choice, Naboo Boosted is equipped with an energy monitor, a system that allows you to view the consumption of water, energy, and detergents at any time, even remotely.

Naboo Boosted is designed to go where others cannot. In fact, thanks to the miniaturization of the components, we have been able to reduce the footprint by up to 15% thus allowing better organization of space in the kitchen.

The intelligence of Naboo Boosted is represented by Naboo Coach, a true virtual assistant that is always by your side in all phases of the use of the oven. Naboo Coach, thanks to the development of complex algorithms, is able to give advice to our customers, in the cooking phases, in the washing phases, and even notifies you when a maintenance intervention by a specialized technician is necessary.

In short, Naboo Coach never leaves our customers alone.

We were the first, more than 8 years ago, to believe that the kitchen had to be connected so it was obvious that Naboo Boosted could not be without a wi-fi connection that connects it to the Nabook portal by Lainox.

Naboo Boosted has been designed to last over time. In fact, all the components used have undergone and surpassed long-lasting stress tests in order to be chosen to be mounted in Naboo Boosted. Moreover, our designers have also taken into consideration the Lainox service centers scattered throughout the world in order to make all Naboo Boosted installation and maintenance operations extremely easy.

In short, I hope I was able to explain why, at Lainox, we have defined Naboo Boosted as the best Combi ever. If you want to see it in operation, all you need to do is connect to one of our live demos. You will be able to see it at work together with Oracle, the Lainox accelerated cooking oven, and NEO, the multifunction blast chiller, that together all form the Lainox Kitchen Triathlon team. The dates are available on our website in the events section, or you can contact one of our authorized dealers.