Summer menu ideas directly from the Lainox Cloud

With the arrival of summer, kitchens in the Lainox research and development department have been working double time to test and create new recipes to inspire Naboo users.

In fact, starting tomorrow, it will be child's play for the many chefs who own a Naboo to download summer recipes by Michele Cocchi and Alberto Marzocchi: "Cold rice salad with baby vegetables and smoked rump" or to be captivated by the many offerings from international chefs: "Singapore Chili Crabs" for those who love exotic flavours.

It's easy to do. After completing a few simple steps to register, Naboo will be connected to the Cloud. Then the recipe can be chosen and downloaded to the Naboo.

The recipe will have all the information needed: ingredients, instructions, photos of the preparation and, naturally, how to cook it in the automatic cooking program.

All this will let chefs create the dish themselves. If they have any questions, they can call the toll-free number: 800 302 750 for the Lainox chefs.

The Cloud will also let the Naboo be updated automatically without the need for a USB drive or costly service calls.

Only with Naboo you can be truly connected!